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Images from the production and exhibition of HOTBED Miami 2013

Photos by Christian Torres, Brookhart Jonquil, Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo, Bill Bilowit

Two and a Third  by Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo & Joel Rabadan

An intimate public impartation of life-changing events that have led the artists to a reverence for the human capacity of decision.

Site location: the Yard's natural northern canopy.

Elements: translucent movable colored panels, singular tri-seat structure, dancers, relators of simultaneous multiple narratives, voluntary listeners

Installation concept sketch by Duncan-Portuondo

Three-person bench sketch by Duncan-Portuondo

Three-person bench assembly by Rabadan (with Richard Haden)

On-site, choreography strategy

On-site, narrative compilation notes

On-site, choreography evening rehearsal

Exhibition (rear view)

Exhibition (spectator view)

Joel Rabadan

Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo

With the participation of

Sculpture production advisor: Richard Haden
Choreography: Hannah Drozd
Dancers: Elizabeth Arencibia, Zoe Austine, Sarah Drisko, Christine Flores, Savannah Friend, Adam Leguerre
Performance docent: Katelynn Draper

Between Light and Matter  by Jessie Laino & Michelle Izquierdo

A reverential observance, interpretation and reiteration of nature's power to command our attention and provoke a response.

Site location: the Yard's central tree.

Elements: wood structures, mechanical synthetic forms, variably transmissive materials, Polaroid cameras, operators

On-site, Laino tests materials

Izquierdo's base objects are stripped mechanical toys

On site, Laino and co-performer Anthony Anaya before opening

Exhibition: Laino distributes Polaroid views to visitors

Exhibition: Laino captures views with Polaroid camera

Exhibition: shifting shadows of synthetic mechanics, wind on flora

Exhibition: one of the 240 distributed Polaroids

Exhibition: one of the 240 distributed Polaroids

Jessie Laino

Michelle Izquierdo

With the participation of

Sculpture production: Kayla Delacerda, Rafael Alvarez

Boundless  by Chad Cunha & Junli Kato

An immersive scenario revering the inner duality of emotional weight and weightlessness, of feeling earthbound and skyward.

Site location: the Yard's southern field, entrance & egress.

Elements: sculptural scenic object, character performance, large-scale textile gateway

Diagram of The Yard's central tree by production advisor Alejandro Contreras, in preparation for Kato's sculpture

Cunha erects textile gateway sculptural rigging

Kato studies The Yard's central tree for her sculpture

Kato's sculpture of a tree stump takes shape

Exhibition: performer Carlos Suarez de Jesus and Kato sculpture

Exhibition: the performer shares Miami histories

Exhibition: Kato's tree trunk with laminated text in ring formations, a reverential evocation of Silverstein's "The Giving Tree"

Exhibition: Cunha's gateway sheer textile sculpture interacting with The Yard's skyscape

Chad Cunha

Junli Kato

With the participation of

Sculpture production: Richard Haden, Aemi Thorne, Kenmei Kato, Edgar Cuarezma, Melina Kato

Presented in collaboration with project sponsor

New World School of the Arts

Hosted by


Project production adviser

Alejandro Contreras

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